Kiai API

Kiai provides a public API for developers to use to extend the functionality of the bot.

If you would like an API key, join our support server and ask a developer there.

API Endpoints

The full list of endpoints can be found here:

https://api.kiaibot.com/docs (opens in a new tab)


Authentication in Kiai works on the basis of "Applications". These function similarly to Discord bot applications, in that you need to authorize them to each server with a set of permissions, using the /application command.


Permissions are granted to applications, and are used to determine what actions an application can perform. These are set when authorizing an application, and can be changed at any time using the /application command by reauthorizing the application.

Permissions are stored in a variable-length integer, and are calculated using bitwise operations.

List of Permissions:

Permission NameDescriptionValue
LevelsView and edit all levels and XP0x00001 (1 << 0)
MultipliersView and edit multipliers0x00010 (1 << 1)
ExportExport data from your guild0x00100 (1 << 2)
DenylistView and edit the server's denylist0x01000 (1 << 3)
RewardsView and edit the server's rewards0x10000 (1 << 4)

Rate Limits

Every application has a 60 request per minute ratelimit. If you exceed this, you will be temporarily banned from making requests to the API. Upon request, this can be increased for your application if you have a legitimate use case for it.

Obtaining a Token

You can get a token to use for your application by joining our support server (opens in a new tab) and opening a ticket there.

You will need to provide the following:

  • A unique ID (typically your bot's ID)
  • An application name