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Welcome to the documentation for Kiai.

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Getting Started

Adding the Bot

Use the following link to add the bot to your server: (opens in a new tab)

Setting up the Bot

Once the bot is in your server, it will automatically use the default settings to start tracking. You can change the settings by using the /settings guild command.

Importing Data

If you're migrating from another bot, you can import your data by using the /import command.

Basic Multipliers

A lot of servers like to add multipliers to certain channels or roles. You can do this by using the /multiplier set command.

Denylisting channels

Some channels, like #commands or #bot-spam, should be denylisted to encourage chatting from users to level up. You can do this by using the /denylist add command.


You can add rewards to certain levels with the /reward add command. Some ideas include:

  • Roles for levels (Level 5, Level 10, Level 20, etc)
  • Money in Unbelievaboat
  • Custom message for high levels (such as Level 50)

Check out our full page on Rewards for more information.